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Refund and Returns Policy

1. Cancellation and Refunds

1.1 TEKKYBENCH strives to provide exceptional services. Cancellation requests for products or services will be considered only if made before the commencement of the relevant procedures. Once the product procedure has started, no refunds will be issued.


2. Unavailability of Product

2.1 In cases where TEKKYBENCH cannot provide a product or service, a prompt refund will be initiated, deducting only administrative fees.


3. Misleading Information

3.1 Clients must provide accurate information regarding the product. Providing misleading information can result in removal from the program without a refund.


4. Valid Reasons for Cancellation

4.1 Changes in personal preferences, study decisions, or credit-related issues are not considered valid reasons for cancellation.


5. Valid Reason Refunds

5.1 Refunds will only be considered for valid reasons with appropriate proof. Valid reasons may include:

  • Unavailability of the product.
  • Major injury or death of the person who made the payment, provided it occurs before utilizing the product.


6. Exemptions

6.1 TEKKYBENCH does not provide refunds for early termination or other unforeseen circumstances.


7. Amendments to the Policy

7.1 TEKKYBENCH reserves the right to amend this Refund and Returns Policy. Any changes will be communicated to clients through appropriate channels.


8. Contact Information

8.1 If you have questions or require further information about our policy, please contact our customer support team at contact@tekkybench.com.


Your use of TEKKYBENCH services implies your acceptance of this Refund and Returns Policy.